Dr. Ericka G. Rascon-Ramirez

    Lecturer in Economics

    Ericka G. Rascon-Ramirez joined us in January 2015. Previously she has worked as a researcher for the World Bank in Washington DC, as well as in the Board of Advisors of the Mexican Ministry of Social Development. Her current research focuses on the effect of parental mental health and stress on children’s development, as well as on the influence of parental subjective expectations on teenagers’ fertility decisions.

        Alex Bueno

        Graduate Technical Assistant

        Alex Bueno completed his BSc in Physics at University of Granada (Spain) and for several years he has working as computer programmer. He is Graduate Technical Assistant in Deparment of Economics Middlesex University London

          Dr. Marie Wong

          Director of Economics Programmes

          BSc (Hon) in Economics, MSc in Corporate and International Finance (Distinction Degree), PhD in Economics and Finance.
          She is interested in Investment and Portfolio Management, Financial and Risk Management in Banking.

              Dr. Quang Nguyen

              Senior Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour

              Dr. Quang joined Middlesex University in 2013. He was previously Assistant Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University. His main research area is behavioural economics and its applications to various fields, including marketing and innovation.

                  Prof. Praveen Kujal

                  Head of the Deparment of Economics

                  Praveen Kujal is Professor of Economics at Middlesex University London since 2013. Currently he is the Head of the Deparment of Economics. He is mostly interested on Experimental Economics, International Trade, Industrial Organization

                    Dr. Natalia Jimenez

                    Senior Lecturer in Economics

                    Dr Jimenez joined Middlesex University in 2013. She is a research affiliate of the Granada Lab of Experimental Economics from the University of Granada. Her research interests are in Experimental Economics where she has worked on Social Networks, Social Preferences and Labour Market.

                      Dr. Valerio Capraro

                      Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Techniques

                      Valerio Capraro joined us in July 2016. He obtained a PhD in Mathematics in 2011 from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. His work combines math models and behavioral experiments to understand how people solve the conflict between cooperation and self-interest, with the goal of helping institutions create more collaborative societies.

                        Lara Ezquerra

                        PhD student

                        Lara Ezquerra completed her BSc Economics and MSc in Quantitaive Economics at the University of the Basque Country. She is doing her PhD on Experimental Economics under the supervision of Prof. Kujal.

                            Dr. Antonio Espin

                            Research Fellow in Behavioural Economics

                            Antonio Espin joined Middlesex in 2015. He is interested in Time discount, Spiteful Behaviour, Social Preferences, Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics. He has been editor of the special issue Prosocial and antisocial behaviour in Economics Games

                              Prof. Pablo Brañas Garza

                              Director of the MSc Behavioral Economics in Action

                              Pablo Brañas Garza is Professor of Economics at Middlesex University London since 2012. He is an Associate Editor of PLoS ONE and Journal of Behavioral & Experimental Economics. He serves as President of SEET (2014-2016) and Board Member of SABE(2012-2016). He is mostly interested on Experimental Economics, Altruism and Cognitive Abilities.

                              Dr. Lorenzo Ductor

                              Senior Lecturer in Economics

                              Lorenzo Ductor joined Middlesex in January 2015. Previously he worked as Senior Lecturer in Economics at Massey University (New Zealand). He works in Applied Econometrics with research interest in social networks, personnel economics, business cycle synchronisation, trade and financial development.

                                Dr. Ismael Rodriguez-Lara

                                Senior Lecturer

                                Dr Rodriguez-Lara joined Middlesex University in September 2013. His research focuses on experimental and behavioural economics, with a special emphasis on justice principles, principal-agent relationship and behavioural finance.

                                Dr. Tanya O’Garra

                                Lecturer in Economics

                                Dr. Tanya O’Garra joined us in July 2016. She has a PhD in Environmental and Resource Economics from Imperial College London. Her research uses experimental methods to identify the drivers of cooperation and altruism, with the aim of developing interventions that motivate environmentally and socially optimal behaviour, particularly in rural developing country communities.

                                    Maria Repolles

                                    PhD student

                                    Maria Repolles completed her BSc Medicine at the University of Navarra, an MSc (Research) in Medicine at the University of Cordoba and the specialization of Anaesthetic at the Reina Sofia Hospital. After 15 years working as anesthetist she decided to pursue a PhD. She is doing her PhD on Neuroeconomics of Deception under the supervision of Prof. Kujal.

                                        Dr. Gueorgui Kolev

                                        Senior Lecturer in Behavioral Economics

                                        Gueorgui Kolev joined Middlesex in January 2014. He previously worked as an Assistant Professor at EDHEC Business School, and as a Teaching Fellow at London School of Economics. His research interests are in the areas of behavioral economics, finance and econometrics.

                                            Dr. Filippos Exadaktylos

                                            Lecturer in Behavioural Economcis

                                            Filippos Exadaktylos joined Middlesex University in 2015. Previously he worked as Researcher at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and, as a postdoc, at Istanbul Bilgi University. His expertise is in using economic experiments and empirical data, to study how the social norms and social capital affect the economic success or failure of societies.

                                                Balint Lenkei

                                                PhD student

                                                Balint Lenkei completed his BA in Business Management and his MSc in Banking and Finance at Middlesex University London. Prior to joining Middlesex he was working at a bank specializing in corporate finance. He is doing his PhD on Experimental Economics under the supervision of Prof. Branas.

                                                    Dr. Joris Gillet

                                                    Lecturer in Behavioural Economics

                                                    Experimental economist. Studied economics and psychology at the universities of Amsterdam and Exeter. Did PhD at the Center for Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making (CREED) at the Univerisity of Amsterdam. Worked previously as post-doc at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK and at the University of Osnabrück, Germany.